Our Nightmare

Maybe you have already heard about software patents. Tree years ago this attempt has been stopped, but... We need to "fight" for our rights and freedom again. Take a look to the site, and help us to stop the software patents!
http://stopsoftwarepatents.org/. The lawyers have no idea, what they are doing:
Though they face a groundswell of interest in stopping software patents their typical excuse is: "We don't grant software patents, we don't really know what software patents are." or "Why exclude software?" or "We just execute the law.".
Some quotes about the software patents:

"Software patents are hindering innovation. Patents should be granted when there is real innovation and real investment in innovation." —Niklas Zennström, CEO, Skype, Silicon.com

"Let me make my position on the patentability of software clear. I believe that software per se should not be allowed patent protection. […] We take this position because it is the best policy for maintaining a healthy software industry, where innovation can prosper." —Douglas Brotz, Adobe Systems, Inc.

"The Company believes that existing copyright law and available trade secret protections, as opposed to patent law, are better suited to protecting computer software developments." —Oracle Corporation