LHC owning in media

It became very famous within a short time. I'm a little bit disappointed with IT technicians work in LHC... In the last week there was a lot of news about hacking, attacking LHC's computer system, control panel, and website. Yeah, because it's famous, and dangerous. But, generally, why?! I mean, there is machine with over 9 billion $, it explorers your life, my life, our life, and they are attacking it. I think(hope) they want to point over the security bugs of their system. In this way this is OK. Even better when a "good" hacker replaces your website's banner with: you are hacked or something, or when a "bad" hacker playing with LHC's control panel. So you can start to fear. :)

Have some fun:

In the news you can read about the first black-hole created by the LHC. Yeah, it is a financial black-hole, with his 10 billion $. :)
...Large Hadron Collider has created a financial black hole so big that all the economies of the west will collapse into a deep depression that will make 1929's Black Tuesday look like a very trivial thing indeed...

Clifford Rutley
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Black Tuesday:
The main bank companies are said to everyone, that their money is loosing from it's value with every single day. So, what the peoples did? They are grabbed out all of their money from these banks. What the banks did? They are called back their debts, and taxes from the peoples. It's worked exactly, as they are planned it. That was the world's biggest robbery.

For an everyday people like me, this week was more media-related than scientific. Sad :(