Large Hadron Collider malfunction and pizza defrosting?!

Our collider has been faced with several problems, during this week. The past week was full with hacker attacks, this week is to malfunction. Last Thursday the transformers of LHC that enables the cooling down of the instrument to the operating temperature (-273 Celsius degrees) broke down. They are replaced, but the LHC will be able to continue the testing in a few weeks. :(

I found a great video what explains, what exactly the Large Hadron Collider does:

Another interesting thing is that the discussion between the lead scientists is not the quest for the mysterious particle but how to defrost a pizza! :) A good way to show and explain for the everyday peoples, how is the LHC powerful. So if the energy of beam is 10 trillion watts, it will take just 30 nanosecond (billionths of a second) to defrost a pizza. Take care! While you are defrosting your pizza the beam need to circulate over the pizza. In the another case the beam would drill into your pizza.
Read the full story about defrosting here.