Summary #1

Even an on-line gaming addiction can be ended up with friendships, and unforgivable moments. :) In the last month the Tauri Wow Server was my place to go, and now I don't want to break with it like I did in last year. Of course I need to focus on many other things - my fourth semester, my NPC friends, etc :).
My project YAMI is also forwarded. No more annoying bugs, missing features in functionality.
I have some goals what I want to complete in this month, like:
  • adding more articles to the HOWTO section.
  • filling out the registration form @Bubble cup MDCS Coding Contest - yeah, I know the M stays for Microsoft. :)
  • improving YAMI.
  • trip to Kula to the 2nd IT conference :)

Coming up: Creating ISO images under Linux, mounting them to the local filesystem.