Find executables for missing start menu applications

You will find the most programs in your Start menu. They have search function. Type there the programs name, that's all. But, sometimes it happens that the installer doesn't create start menu entry.
Our freshly installed package called tightvnc. So, if the program isn't there, then you need to find the executable for it. In windows, you go to the place where the program was installed, and double click to the executable. In Linux: you need to open the Terminal, Konsole, whatever - the Command line.
Like in windows you can search for all installed programs in Add Remove programs. Here is the alternative - a bit faster. Type in Command line (CLI) the following:
rpm -qa | grep tightvnc
the output will be all installed packages containing the name tightvnc. Copy the FULL name (including number) of the tightvnc package, this is what you need. Now type this:
rpm -q --fileprovide [pasteherethefullname]
This will output the complete list of files installed from this package. The executables are mostly in the /usr/bin/ directory.
My output:
akoskm@linux-3fx0:~> rpm -q --fileprovide tightvnc-1.3.9-80.41                                                                          
Now you can simple start any of these executables in the /usr/bin/ directory by typing them to the command line.