End of the 3. semester on my University. Now I'm concentrating to exams, and can't work enough with open-source, coding, Linux stuff (I never can code enough :))
In the last month I was 9th on the Top-Replies list of opensuse forums. Yey! The development of my database-viewer application YAMI is continuing, but I need more developers... and more time. :) I'm really proud to my friend kvar about his first open-source project. Continue your work with open-source stuff & "Have a lot of fun!" - openSuSE ;) I got a HTML & JavaScript book and a 2GB memory card for my mobile phone for Christmas from my girlfriend, cute isn't :)? (GEEK?!)
I hope my brain will be moved into /akoskm/stable after the exams. :)


M M Arif said...

Best of luck for your exams.

akoskm said...

Thank you so much!