About HOWTO's

As you can see a new label has been appeared on the side-bar, called HOWTOs. The users need it. When I'm finished with my first how-to on the next week I'm linked it in ~5 forum posts on KDE and openSUSE forums.
Users - came from Windows world - are opening posts about renaming, moving files and they are making longer thread then Fixing your Buggy DST code table. They aren't lames, but the words like permission, user, execute have no meaning in their world, they are calling these things like: ActiveX, I, double-click. I'm absolutely sure that an ordinary people (at least reading and writing skills) who uses computer for browsing the Internet can't figure out anything from manuals like this (part of man mv 1):

mv - move (rename) files


. Nobody can say me that working in Linux is hard. No it isn't... actually, my girlfriend (no programming skill, no PC using skill) is using openSuSE. And she is very happy with it. I'm explained a lot of things and now she is using her Laptop as a productive machine. HOWTOs are important, if you are new to Linux and want to learn how to live different, how to live in community, you need just once to read these tutorials after it's going like 1+1, and you'll have more fun!


Anonymous said...

I can not find anywhere a linux emulator to try these stuff, and to learn something, any help?

akoskm said...

For emulator I recommend you Sun's Virtualbox. To start with linux I recommend you openSUSE. :) You can download the DVD ISO images from http://software.opensuse.org/. For support and other informations visit the wiki page or the forum. Ask here if you have questions.
Good luck!