I always wanted to try out wordpress... so I've created an accounted there, and transfered all of my post.
You can follow me at
Thank you for reading / following / commenting. :)
Have a nice day.


M M Arif said...

Just read your post here, you arranged new blog..thats gr8 news. Congratulation.
So will you maintain this blog too? or you will be accessible now in that blog.

One thing more, i saw you put my site in your blog roll, if that wordpress one is your permanent one, so i will add your blog link to my blog roll.
Hope you will be ok with it.

Let me know.

akoskm said...

I transfered the old posts from this blog to wordpress... so, this is the last post here.
If you want to add me to your blog roll then add the wordpress link.
Thank you! :)

M M Arif said...

Added you link to blog roll.