YAMI Neutral Builds!

I've just a found a great hosting service at http://www.heliohost.com and uploaded the first neutral build of YAMI. You can find the packages @ http://yami.heliohost.org/.
After downloading just start with:
java -jar yamiSVN181.jar
Remember:In software development, a neutral build is a build that reflects the current state of the source code checked into the source code version control system by the developers, but without any developer-specific changes.

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First of all: this blog isn't dead! I just made a little vacation. :)
...and I'm back! with new experiences what I want to share with YOU.
Lets get start with my project YAMI. On the site http://yami.googlecode.com you can see that the latest change is from 2009.02.06. :S Yes I was to lazy to touch this code, but today I committed the latest revision r181 with some minimalistic changes like new code formatting rules and such as, and I also added the latest version of the JDBC connector's license. I'm still searching for contributors, please contact me if you have some experience in Java!
You can download the Nightly builds of YAMI - precompiled packages, just start them with:
java -jar yami_nightlyBuild.jar
(Nightly builds are unstable versions, use only for testing!)
The latest stable version is 0.1.3 download here: http://code.google.com/p/yami/downloads/list.
For the source code take a look to: http://code.google.com/p/yami/source/browse/#svn/trunk.

New topic.
Qt Jambi - i started to write a netlimiter-like application in Java using the Qt Jambi framework. I still agree that the framework is lightweight and looks pretty cool compared to the old Java metal style, but... deploying a pure Qt Jambi application is a nightmare.
Why? The documentation is still incomplete, they have no community site or forum (I've already mentioned this on qtlabs). The only thing what the Jambi community have is a mailing list, what is IMHO a bit uncomfortable. I want to finish this project (without Qt Jambi OFC) because there is no netlimiter-like application for Linux with graphical user interface - or at least I can't find any of them. :)
If somebody is interested in this project, please drop and e-mail or add a comment!

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